Book cover of Thread Talk: Guide to Identifying Healthy Relationships by Hannah Kay Herdlinger with photo of author. This is an interactive workbook with powerful purpose

An interactive workbook with powerful purpose

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In her newly released book, Thread Talk: Guide to Identifying Healthy Relationships, Hannah Kay Herdlinger, a domestic abuse survivor and life coach, offers a transformative journey. This unique combination of a workbook and journal will empower individuals to identify toxic relationships, build self-confidence, and foster meaningful connections with friends and family. Through valuable stories and interactive exercises, “Thread Talk” becomes an indispensable tool for navigating the complexities of relationships, helping readers cultivate love, understanding, and a path to personal growth.

Hannah Kay’s thoughts on working with SPARK Publications:

“SPARK truly cares about their authors! As a first time author, I was blown away by the process. They guided me through every step of the way. When I was stuck, they helped me find my “why” and continued to (gently) push me to make my dreams become a reality!

 What SPARKed your interest in writing this book?

After leaving an abusive marriage, I was in the darkest place in my life. I wrote down my list of dreams to keep me focused on the future. Becoming a published author was one of the things I wrote down in my “Book of Dreams”. I wanted to create a place where domestic violence survivors could safely process and heal in between pages that act as a resource guide and journal. Words are powerful and writing down the journey gives you back your power.

Tell us about a part of the writing/publishing process that was harder than you expected. How did SPARK Publications help you through this process?

The hardest part of the writing process for me was simply getting started. I knew I wanted to write a book to raise domestic violence awareness. But I didn’t have a clear vision of what it would look like. Would it be a memoir? A journal? A workbook? SPARK helped me organize my thoughts and ideas to create a beautiful book that combines it all seamlessly!

Tell us about a time that SPARK went above and beyond to bring out the best version of your book?

Domestic abuse is not an easy topic to read. My vision was to create a resource guide, activity book, and journal all-in-one. SPARK truly brought it to life with beautiful illustrations that flow throughout the entire book. There were so many extra details that I never would’ve been able to navigate on my own. From graphic rights to consistent aesthetic to the embroidery on the cover. They made the final product better than I ever dreamed!

How will this book impact your business moving forward?

This experience allowed us to collaborate with different domestic violence awareness organizations and compile resources in a unique way that continues to grow. It will allow us to broaden our audience to help stop domestic violence before it starts. This book is not only good information, it has the potential to change someone’s life. And as a social change lover, I am honored to give that to my readers.

What is one tip or piece of advice that you would give to a business owner or thought leader who wants to write a book?

Just start writing! It is easy to spend time spinning your wheels and wanting to make sure your thoughts make sense before writing a book. If you start writing your jumbled thoughts in one place, SPARK will help you turn it into the masterpiece you envision.

What are some of your hobbies or things you enjoy outside of your business?

Outside of my business I enjoy traveling, exploring nature (when not too hot haha) and raising my first daughter to be confident and love herself!

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Thread Talk: Guide to Identifying Healthy Relationships is published by SPARK Publications

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