Being Intentional: Making Work and Play One and the Same

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Being Intentional: Making Work and Play One and the Same is a powerfully insightful book soon to be released from Keane Publishing. In this, his second book, Dr. Young shares his wisdom from over thirty years of experience as a scholar, entrepreneur, and adviser to some of the most influential leaders around the world. Too many professionals are oblivious to the human factors that shape their success until they are confronted by the stressors that impact their work, their marriages, their children, their employees, their customers, and their communities. It is no wonder that so many executives are downright miserable and do not know what to do about it!


Dr. Young introduces you to his proprietary models and concepts and shows you how they can guarantee that you select the right career; sustain intimacy with the right life partner; raise emotionally healthy children; become a trusted and effective leader; attract and retain loyal customers; and relish the sense of satisfaction when you contribute and belong to a nurturing community.


How SPARK Publications Was Involved

SPARK Publications designed the book jacket and interior page layout. For the cover, Dr. Young requested a symbol suggesting opportunities to play at work and threw out a few ideas. When a paper airplane was suggested, SPARKler-In-Chief Fabi Preslar jumped on it. Paper airplanes are a fun way to recycle office paper and take a creative break. If you visit the SPARKly headquarters, you might notice several paper airplanes adorning the ficus tree by the kitchen. Each SPARKler was asked to make a paper airplane out of whatever paper was on hand and not to peek at each other’s work-in-progress. The one that made the cover was the most colorful and lent itself to a drop shadow in the shape of an exclamation mark – work and fun!


How to Throw a Paper Airplane

If you’d like to perfect your paper airplane skills, check out this infographic¬†from the National Geographic Channel’s “Going Deep with David Rees,” a show that airs Monday nights at 10 p.m.

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