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Hello, Entrepreneurial Leader who wants to custom publish your book to grow your business, brand, and platform! 

SPARK Publications is a custom publisher of independently published books and magazines. 

We custom publish nonfiction high-design, effective books:
• Business books
• Cookbooks
• Coffee table 
• Collector books
• Workbooks
• Unique specialty books

We publish for:
• Business leaders 
• Business owners
• Entrepreneurs
• Corporations

These books are published to help you meet your goals to grow businesses, brands, and platforms.

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Sign in to watch the 14-minute intro video and kickstart your publishing process!

SPARK Publications publishes nonfiction books with the purpose of growing a business, brand, and building a platform. All of our client books are part of the author’s broader mission. As each book is custom, the pricing depends on the work needed, what stage of the process you are at, the type of book, page and word count, and the complexity of the type of editing and layout needed. As a base example, our publishing services cost for a nonfiction business book, 30,000-word final draft manuscript, 120-page book (which includes consulting, final manuscript copy-editing, cover and interior page design, layout, pre-press production, final proofreading, print management, and planning for marketing and distribution) typically start at around $15,000. Strategic consulting, planning services, pre-manuscript services, structural editing, illustrations, and other time and services are available to add on to further customize your book for you. We do not provide book marketing services. We can provide suggestions and introductions based on your needs. We aren’t a fit for everyone and hope your book and our services will be a good fit for collaboration.