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A Feminism Book for Men

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Stuart Watson hasn’t always been an empathic listener. He still might not be, but he’s certainly trying as evidenced by his book What She Said & What I Heard: How One Man Shut Up and Started Listening. A mix of personal journalism, gender studies, trauma and addiction recovery, and comedy, …

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A Grandparent’s Tale of Not-So-Buried Treasure

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Catherine Pike Plough’s second book with SPARK Publications, Grandpa Lou and the Tale of the Not-So-Buried Treasure, shares a tale of discovery, generosity, and gratitude passed from grandfather to grandson. Thoughtful and imaginative readers will be inspired by the story of a young Louis, who happily shares pieces of his …

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Wacky Socks, Flowing Scarves, and Love

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Wacky Socks, Flowing Scarves, and Love is a visual story and journal created by the love and journey of two talented sisters, Roxann and Rhonda. This book is filled with emotional-healing advice and encouragement for living with cancer and serves as a guide for navigating the mindless maze of a …