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Famous Foundations: Successes and Failures

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The success of structures, whether they are bridges, buildings, or any other structure, rests on their foundations. T. Richard Morris’s Famous Foundations documents seventeen unique foundations that were either the pride or the embarrassment of design engineers or builders. The book includes over 100 photographs and drawings illustrating the planning …

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A Feminism Book for Men

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Stuart Watson hasn’t always been an empathic listener. He still might not be, but he’s certainly trying as evidenced by his book What She Said & What I Heard: How One Man Shut Up and Started Listening. A mix of personal journalism, gender studies, trauma and addiction recovery, and comedy, …

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A Grandparent’s Tale of Not-So-Buried Treasure

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Catherine Pike Plough’s second book with SPARK Publications, Grandpa Lou and the Tale of the Not-So-Buried Treasure, shares a tale of discovery, generosity, and gratitude passed from grandfather to grandson. Thoughtful and imaginative readers will be inspired by the story of a young Louis, who happily shares pieces of his …