Christianity from a Different Perspective: Real Spirituality in a Quantum World

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Christianity from a Different Perspective: Real Spirituality in a Quantum World is about the convergence of Christianity, spirituality, and science. Viewing things from different perspectives can help you to gain new insights into complex questions and see things that might not otherwise be apparent. This book presents the New Testament message from just such a perspective, looking at Jesus’s words in the gospels and Revelation from the perspective of the spirit world. What it reveals is Jesus’s two-millennia-old message that the spirit world is very real and what humanity must do to enter it. It presents earth as a classroom for spiritual development and shows how the book of Revelation describes an individual test to assess the extent to which spiritual lessons have been learned. It also shows through a thought exercise how quantum mechanics predictions of multiple parallel universes, multiple dimensions, and the simultaneous existence of all time can facilitate the process of spiritual development.

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“If I am putting my name on anything, it must be of high quality.  Editing my university and high school yearbooks taught me the aesthetic value of clean, consistent design, which I knew I could not achieve on my own.”

Mark BrooksWhat inspired you to write this book?

Over a decade ago, I began having what became hundreds of spiritual experiences, which served to confirm my Christian faith. They led me to spend twelve years reading the Bible, theology, philosophy of religion, quantum mechanics, and metaphysics books—all subjects in which I had NO previous training—in an attempt to process what was continuing to happen to me. My reading soon evolved into journaling, which led to my writing this book.


Another significant inspiration to write came recently from a quote by Stan Graf in Living Deeply, in which he said, “Our materialistic cultural paradigm does not support our spiritual awakening. In fact it ridicules it and pathologizes it. But the only thing that can stand up to and transform the dominant scientific paradigm, as well as the dogmas of organized religions, is direct spiritual experience.” I am a spiritual experiencer, not a philosopher, scientist or theologian. The book’s ideas and thoughts are a result of my personal spiritual experiences.


Lastly, writing this book is my way of “coming out,” so to speak. I’ve grown tired of hiding this aspect of my life from friends and co-workers for so many years. Publishing this book commits me to being open with this aspect of myself.

What is your primary goal for the book?

To show how “heaven” can be real and how the Garden of Eden stories, Jesus’s parables, the Beatitudes, the Olivet Discourses, and Revelation can be explained using a single message, that we are spiritual beings learning spiritual lessons. My objective is to challenge Christians to think critically and to consider how what they believe through faith could actually be real.


Another way to view this book is as a spiritual interpretation of Greek Bible (New Testament) scripture. In Judaism, some Jewish scholars use an approach called PARDES to aid in interpreting Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) scripture. PARDES is an acronym for interpreting scripture from four perspectives: the literal (PeshAt), the allegorical/symbolic (Remez), the metaphorical/comparative (DErash), and the mystical/spiritual (Sod). This book could be considered as an interpretation of Greek Bible scripture from a spiritual perspective.

What surprises did you encounter on the road to writing and publishing the book?

My biggest surprise was how easily Revelation could be explained using this perspective, as people often find it difficult to understand. The book describes Revelation as an individual spiritual test to determine one’s fitness for “spiritual adulthood,” or eternal life. My desire for feedback on this interpretation became a significant factor in my decision to actually produce the book because I had never seen it written elsewhere. Of course, people have been writing about Revelation for centuries, so it is doubtful that this interpretation is truly unique. Now that it’s published, though, I will probably find out.

Do you have any advice for other authorpreneurs?

Do not fear “indigestation,” which is that unsettled feeling in your gut that arises as the fear of others’ opinions about what you wrote incubates within you. Rather than letting it overcome you, continually remind yourself why you wrote what you did. Indigestation never goes away, but it eventually becomes tolerable. Remember that progress does not come without risk. Do not fear the challenge of new or uncomfortable situations, and if after all this you still cannot control your indigestation, think about how unsettled my gut feels! If I can do it, you can too!

How is your book part of your broader professional goals?

I hope this book can help support my transition into a job that is more spiritual and humanitarian-based. My professional training is in IT program and project management in the financial services industry. It will be interesting to see how my technical, managerial, and business experience are valued in a world of scientists, theologians, philosophers, and spiritual seekers.

What’s next for you?

I’m going to a science and consciousness conference in April, my first foray into this new environment, to look around, listen, and network.  I hope to return with a clearer picture of how my book and my experience fits into this area of study.



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