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Run your lifestyle businesses and time with clarity and confidence

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“Celebrity chef and business owner Renate Moore, the founder and CEO of LadyRen’s Bakery & Books, has launched A Fresh Perspective: creating a lifestyle business. Renate wrote this book for entrepreneurs and remote workers who want to create and run their lifestyle businesses and time with clarity and confidence.

Renate’s thoughts on working with SPARK Publications:

“Working with SPARK Publications has been an exceptional experience like no other. Their unwavering client support and streamlined business processes were instrumental in helping me complete my manuscript, design, and publish my book. Their authenticity aligns perfectly with my own values, making them a trustworthy and honest publishing company to partner with. I wholeheartedly recommend SPARK Publications to anyone looking to bring their stories to life.”  

What SPARKed your interest in writing a book?

The realization that creating a lifestyle business doesn’t have to be overwhelming was a pivotal moment for me. After years of investing time and money in impractical development tools and one-size-fits-all textbook coaching, I was frustrated and wanted more tangible results in my business growth. It was clear that the journey shouldn’t be this discouraging, and I strongly believe it doesn’t have to be that way for others, either. It’s my passion to guide individuals toward more peace and success while keeping them grounded in their pursuit of entrepreneurial dreams.


Was there a part of the writing/publishing process that was harder than you expected? 

One aspect of the writing and publishing process that proved more challenging than expected was summoning the courage to share my personal story. In moments of self-doubt, SPARK Publications provided invaluable support and encouragement, affirming the significance of my narrative, and reinforcing that it deserved to be shared with the world.


If SPARK Publications went above and beyond throughout your book process, please share.

SPARK Publications went above and beyond to enhance my book during the editing and design phases. Their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to preserving the integrity of my voice, vision, and message truly impressed me. They not only corrected grammatical and structural issues but also provided valuable suggestions to refine the content, ensuring the final version resonated even more powerfully with my target audience. The custom concept and creative design for the cover and throughout my book exceeded my expectations. The SPARKler’s dedication and expertise elevated my book to a final product I’m genuinely proud of. 


How will this experience and your book impact your business moving forward? 

This great publishing experience, along with my published book, will positively influence my business’ future. The book will help further establish my expertise in consulting while enhancing my credibility and attracting my audience. The book will also serve as a powerful marketing tool, enabling me to reach and connect with more prospective clients and partners, which will help the growth and success of my business.


What is one tip or piece of advice you’d give to a business owner who wants to write a book? 

Start with a clear and compelling message that truly resonates with your audience. This core message should be the guiding light throughout your book, ensuring consistency and purpose. Also, maintain a disciplined writing routine, setting aside time each day or week to make progress on your manuscript.

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