SGT Chris Hill Eight Lessons from the Road A Police Officers Firsthand Debriefing. Book Release.

Sergeant Chris Hill Releases Eight Lessons from the Road—A Police Officer’s Firsthand Debriefing

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This book, Eight Lessons from the Road: A Police Officer’s Firsthand Debriefing, will take you through a brief snippet of the situations that arise and how an officer processes and deals with each call, on a case-by-case basis. As you read Sgt. Hill’s description of each incident, it is hoped that these stories allow you to see and understand what police officers go through every time they respond to a call. Ride along with a black police officer and see how he encourages us to get past racial, religious, and political divisions and instead move forward in making the world a better place for everyone.

In recent years, police officers have been facing intense public scrutiny. Today, law enforcement officers are being villainized for the actions of a few. Yes, there is good reason for some of the criticism that law enforcement is receiving, but there is also more good reason to support the good deeds that a majority of the profession performs daily throughout the country.

Chris’ thoughts on working with SPARK Publications:

“I personally would recommend to anyone that has the desire to write a book to put their trust in Fabi and her staff at SPARK Publications. They will guide you through to completion. Your journey will be successful.”

Is there a particular moment that SPARKed your interest in writing a book?

Because of all the negative press law enforcement officers were receiving in the past several years—some of that was definitely justifiable—I felt the need to write a book and explain what police officers face daily.

What surprises did you encounter on the road to writing and publishing the book?

Just learning what goes into writing a book. Recalling some of the stories brought up memories I wanted to forget.

How did SPARK Publications help in championing and publishing your book?

Just learning what goes into writing a book. Fabi, Sofi, and the staff of SPARK Publications definitely made the journey easier, but they took no shorts with me. They ensured my time was productive.

Now that your book is published, are there any goals or experiences you’re looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to discussing the book with those that have questions. Plus, I’m looking forward to writing my next book.

What advice do you have for other authorpreneurs and aspiring writers?

Type without worrying about corrections. Focus on the end product and the message you’re trying to get out. SPARK Publications and their experienced staff will do the rest.

Tell us about your future plans—what’s next for you?

Promotion of the book and writing Volume 2.

If you could broadcast a few sentences to the entire world, what would they be?

Make your – (dash) count. On your tombstone and/or obituary, there is the date you’re born and the date you die. The dash in the middle is your legacy. What’s yours?

Do you have a podcast, regular event, and/or run or manage a nonprofit? Outside of your business, what are your hobbies and passions? Do you belong to any groups for these activities?

I manage several nonprofits, serving over 2 million people. My hobbies are helping others and watching sports.

Eight Lessons from the Road—A Police Officer’s Firsthand Debriefing is published by SPARK Publications

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