Author photo and book cover composite of Supersizing Bliss, A collection of essays on Architectural Design by Toby Witte

Toby Witte releases Supersizing Bliss

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In a world where modern homes are getting bigger and boxier, Toby Witte shares stories of breathing personality and depth into architectural design. This collection of essays and insights into house design, Supersizing Bliss, is about creating a home for each unique inhabitant instead of just following the latest trends.

Witte is the owner and architectural designer for WitteHaus. His award-winning modern sustainable designs in the Carolinas boast synergy of sleek modernism, natural light, and a cozy warmth.

Toby’s thoughts on working with SPARK Publications:

SPARK Publications took me by the hand and guided me through a complex and layered creation process with ease and gusto. Without their trusted guidance the result would have been most likely useless. SPARK Publications turned an amateur pile of want-to-be essays into a professional book. I am truly proud to share the result. Their expertise and guidance are priceless.

Is there a particular moment that SPARKed your interest in writing a book?

I remember noticing I kept having very similar conversations with prospective clients. I thought someone should put these into book form. I figured it might as well be me and started writing.  I kept having these aha moments during subsequent conversations: “oh, that is in my book – I can’t wait to hand you a copy.”

What was the most interesting thing you discovered about the process while writing this book?

Without a doubt, the process of putting my thoughts onto paper clarified a lot of the insights into my profession I have had over the years. To verbalize loose notions and ideas manifested my thoughts into tangible concepts. I received a crash course into the mechanics of writing itself. I suddenly started to find mistakes in other books I was reading. The entire book-making process was a fascinating endeavor to witness. I will be forever grateful to have been allowed a peek behind the curtain.

How did SPARK Publications help in championing your efforts and in publishing your book?

I honestly do not understand how some people self-publish a book without the kind of expertise and services a publisher like SPARK Publications offers. I have read my fair share of books in my lifetime and thought it would be fairly easy to cobble something together. Of course, it wasn’t.

What is your main success goal with this book?

I did not expect the level of jittery giddiness as I am about to see the book released and available for purchase. This is a real book. I am a published author. A copy of my book is being stored at the Library of Congress. The sense of accomplishment about it all has taken me by surprise.

Additionally, without a doubt, this book will further my conversations with my clients about their specific needs and desires, open doors into new venues, and hopefully help folks out there in general to create better built environments.

What advice do you have for other authorpreneurs?

That is easy – engage the experts. It is absolutely necessary.

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Supersizing Bliss is published by SPARK Publications

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