Face-to-Face Networking in a Digital World

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Become an efficient face-to-face networker to dramatically improve your opportunities. Whether you are a student entering the workforce, a seasoned professional, or someone in transition, Face-to-Face Networking in a Digital World by Lynda Kuehni will give you simple tips on how to make valuable connections. We asked Lynda a few questions about her book and her experience with custom-publishing.

Lynda’s Advice to Authorprenuers
“Keep at it. It won’t happen overnight, and realize it is worth the effort! You have something of value to share, so please share it!”

Lynda Kuehni

What inspired you to write this book?

Many friends encouraged me to share the knowledge that I have gained over the years about networking with others. I want others to benefit from my experiences and build deeper relationships.

Why did you choose custom publishing?

After researching options and then interviewing people that have written books, it made sense to do it this way. Plus I have known Fabi for years and knew that it would be a fantastic experience to work with her and her team!

What is your primary goal for this book?

The goal for the book is to be a resource guide for people who are not familiar or comfortable with face-to-face networking. I want these tips to help people in their personal and professional lives. I share some amazing stories of how a simple connection can have a HUGE impact on so many lives.

How is your book part of your broader goals?

Because face-to-face networking continues to have such an impact on my personal and professional life, it would only make sense that I share my experiences with others and assist them.  I welcome the opportunity to travel and train others on how to develop this skill set. I can see myself going into colleges, corporations, and conventions to share these tips in person.

What’s next for you?

Only God knows. However, my short-term goal is to continue to work in my current career and promote the sale of my book. I strive to train others on face-to-face networking and to speak on the topic regionally, nationally, and internationally … all while continuing to have a servant’s heart.

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