Famous Foundations: Successes and Failures

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The success of structures, whether they are bridges, buildings, or any other structure, rests on their foundations. T. Richard Morris’s Famous Foundations documents seventeen unique foundations that were either the pride or the embarrassment of design engineers or builders. The book includes over 100 photographs and drawings illustrating the planning phase, construction, and operation of the structures.

T. Richard Morris is a founder of International Construction Equipment Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of pile driving and equipment for foundation construction, and Wick Drain Corp., a manufacturer of prefabricated plastic soil drainage products. He has worked in the foundation field for more than forty years.

T. Richard Morris on working with SPARK Publications.
SPARK Publications is a well-run, professional operation with strong design and editing capability. 

Throughout the book, various diagrams, charts, and graphs depict the construction of these foundations. The illustrations and diagrams were acquired from multiple sources, and several required updating or to be recreated to reflect the high quality of the book. SPARK Publications’ in-house team produced the new or revised illustrations to make them look more consistent throughout the book.

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