Leading Through Relationship First

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Genuine leadership is about serving others and empowering them to be the best they can be. Leading Through Relationship First: Building a Great Team Through a Commitment to Servant Leadership by Henry Jordan is a must-read for leaders who want to ensure organizational success with and through any leader’s greatest asset—their people. It offers practical lessons and examples leaders can apply immediately in their workplaces.


We asked Henry a few questions about his book and his experience with custom-publishing.

Henry’s Wow Moment 

“Just unloaded the books. I am so pleased with the quality and detail of the finished product. It is a special day when one can hold in their hand a vision that was once only in their heart.”

Henry Jordan

What inspired you to write this book?

“My motivation and inspiration in writing this book is to remind every person in a leadership role (the people on the front lines) that they are the ones with the greatest potential to make an impact. As a young man, I had my first encounter with Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart. This encounter impacted my life and career and inspired an approach based on servant leadership with relationship as the core foundation. In today’s busy organizational environment, it is easy to become too focused on the desired outcome rather than those responsible for producing the actual results. When relationship is established as the foundation for success, great things become possible.”

Why did you choose custom publishing?

“It was really important to me to find a publisher that would work closely with my wife and me to ensure the intended message was portrayed in this book. I found the process of custom publishing to be effective, and I was very pleased with the amount of time everyone at SPARK Publications took to really understand our intent. The feedback and personal service we received was great and helped to produce a work beyond our expectations.”

How is your book part of your broader goals?

“I want to help those in leadership positions in the present and future to realize that true success comes through, not at the expense of, the people that work for them. I want to share the message that to be in leadership is a privilege, and with that privilege comes great opportunity to positively impact others. This book plays a key role in my future endeavors to share that message.”

Do you have any advice for other authorpreneurs?

“Take your time. Use mind maps and extensive outlines to capture your thoughts well in advance of actually writing your book. Be careful not to over think the process and content. Personal touches are impactful and interesting to the reader. Be willing to share them at the right time, and you will be surprised at the response.”

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