Photo Editing Creates a Seasonal Transformation for a Quarterly Magazine

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What if your trees have no leaves? Well, you may be in need of some photo editing magic.

Magazines and catalogs have long lead times to ensure that each phase of their process allows adequate time to perfect each issue. So they may prepare graphics, photos, and text as much as six months in advance of their to-press dates. This means photo shoots are frequently done in different seasons than when they’ll appear in magazines and catalogs. (All those swimsuit catalogs and magazine feature spreads? Those models were probably shivering between sets.)

To ensure the content remains timely, the editors make tweaks during the production process to update copy and graphics. Off-season outdoor photo shoots require the most post-production love unless you have enough budget to travel to a different hemisphere (in which case, lucky you!). Most magazines and catalogs, however, rely on the magic of Photoshop.

Shortly after a new YMCA opened in South Charlotte—YMCAs in Charlotte are extremely popular gathering places for health, fitness, and community activities—Ballantyne Magazine wanted to feature it in its summer edition. Photo shoots were held in the winter and early spring and various times of day. Once images were selected for the cover and spread, they had to be edited to look like the same season and time of day. The SPARK Publications team had its work cut out for them.

The image below used within the feature body was taken in late winter/early spring just as the trees were beginning to show buds. The sky was given more of a bright, summer day look, and leaves were added to the trees to make the setting appear to be in June.

seasonal transformation photoshop, photo editing

The image below used in the feature opener was taken in mid-spring when some types of trees were in leaf, while others weren’t. Leafless trees were given foliage to match neighbors.

leaves added to trees, photo editingIn the next series of images, you can see that the evening sky was given a midday treatment. Additionally, a tattoo on the man’s left arm was removed, and the green shorts were lengthened on the woman’s left leg. All were important details for the client when the photos are enlarged for a full-page feature.

photoshop magic, photo editing

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