As violence erupted in her once idyllic village in southern Sudan, Adout Goi Ungua fled all she had known to get her children to safety. Her remarkable journey from that small village to a shining city upon a hill reassures readers that the American dream is possible. Like many Americans before her, she persevered through one hardship after another to reach the shores of freedom. In so doing, she kept a promise to her children that they would have a safe place to grow and thrive. Told by her son, Bol Maywal, A Mother’s Promise offers love, hope, tenacity, and a fresh belief in the possibilities of America.

Bol Maywal wrote A Mother’s Promise as a special tribute to his mother who raised him to be the leader he is today. He hopes the book can serve as an example to other young men and provide encouragement to widows, single mothers, and mothers to be the best versions of themselves to their children. The book casts a positive light on refugees and immigrants and their contributions to America.

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