Despite all of the data that is being collected from around the world about happiness, there is little practical guidance, short of proselytizing, to help you be intentional and take control of your life satisfaction and well-being. If you hope to make work and play one and the same, you will be wise to pursue a deeper understanding of the most important relationships that determine success and happiness—in business and life.


In this powerfully insightful book, Dr. R. John Young shares his wisdom from over thirty years of experience as a scholar, entrepreneur, and adviser to some of the most influential leaders around the world. Too many professionals are oblivious to the human factors that shape their success until they are confronted by the stressors that impact their work, their marriages, their children, their employees, their customers, and their communities. It is no wonder that so many executives are downright miserable and do not know what to do about it!


Dr. Young introduces you to his proprietary models and concepts and shows you how they can guarantee that you select the right career; sustain intimacy with the right life partner; raise emotionally healthy children; become a trusted and effective leader; attract and retain loyal customers; and relish the sense of satisfaction when you contribute and belong to a nurturing community.

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