For decades, Christians have had difficulties providing tangible evidence to support what they believe in faith. In response to that challenge, this book lays out a justification for the existence of Christianity, showing how it and other world religions promote humanity’s spiritual development. It does this without the use of religious doctrine, basing it instead on spirituality. This book shows how:

  • The purpose for humanity’s existence on earth is linked to the purpose for the existence of the universe.
  • Humans are already eternal beings, and death does not exist.
  • The Bible’s book of Revelation describes an individual test of one’s spiritual maturity – not a battle between good and evil.

It also outlines frameworks that:
1. Spiritual Development – Integrate one’s intellectual understanding of faith with one’s life experiences and spiritual practice to produce a unique, internalized spirituality.
2. Non-Physical Dimensions – Consolidate information from multiple sources to create a
consistent view of the non-physical world.
3. Human Psychic Abilities – Show that paranormal abilities are really spiritual abilities – how beings communicate, travel, and manipulate objects.
4. Eternal Cycles – Provides bibliographic references to support illustrations proposing
that matter and consciousness go through never-ending iterative cycles of material and
spiritual existence.

Take a trip beyond scripture to develop insights into our eternal spiritual existence.
This is Christianity from a Spiritual Perspective.

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