For many who watched her daily television show, Top O’ the Day, Barbara McKay’s voice is as familiar as family. She taught a generation of viewers to cook. She took them on adventures to volcanos and glaciers and introduced them to movie stars. When the successful, long‑running show was canceled to make way for all‑news programming, Barbara continued to serve her fans on TVs shows, in commercials, and in magazines, sharing the latest trends in entertainment, food, and fashion. For many, Barbara McKay is an icon. Barbara takes a more humble view of herself. To hear her tell it, her life has been a series of lucky incidents and grace from God. When she graduated from college, Barbara was told a woman only had three career options: teacher, flight attendant, or nurse. She tried the first two and loved them for a time, but they didn’t stick. Her mother pushed her into trying something new, something spontaneous, something bold. With no experience in television or entertainment, Barbara made a simple phone call and convinced the right person to give her an audition. Thus, her storied career began.

Coming Home shares reflections, wisdom, and recipes from Barbara’s forty years of hosting television shows, raising children, meeting her heroes and inspirations, and teaching generations to love Southern cooking. From her simple, delicious recipes to her love of life, deep faith, and ability to connect with nearly anyone, this life well-lived will both encourage and inspire readers.

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