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Enjoy clean and healthy recipes 

The E2M lifestyle isn’t about getting “skinny” or “beach ready”; it’s about building a healthier lifestyle, living longer, and getting the most out of the body you’ve been given. This is a lifestyle of health and wellness, and we have the tools to support you in every step of your journey. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, tone up and get stronger, or learn how to sustain a healthier lifestyle with your family, we’d love to help you.

Real People – Spectacular Results

The E2M fitness program has given me a different outlook on what’s important to me. It also has helped me realize that food is fuel and that this lifestyle is sustainable. I’m never starving or miserable. I have more energy. I feel better, look better, sleep better, and I enjoy life much more.
– Issac S.

I’m forever grateful to Jeff for creating—and all the coaches for implementing— the most wonderful life- changing fitness program on the planet for your mind, body, and soul! Through the E2M community I have gained confidence in who I am, feeling better than I ever have, and it led me to meet the love of my life in the E2M fitness program.
– Barrett N.

I’m a super busy wife and mother of two that spends most of my time and energy serving others. Once I started the E2M fitness program, I found that I’m happier and more successful in ALL aspects of my life. I’ve found the confidence to shift my professional path to explore my passions.
– Nassim E.


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