Earths Hidden Reality: It’s not Magic. It’s not Miraculous. It’s SCIENCE!

It’s not Magic. It’s not Miraculous. It’s SCIENCE!

Earth’s Hidden Reality explains the natural mechanisms behind unexplained events like spiritual beings, other dimensions, miracles in the Bible—and even UFOs. Are these phenomena real? Are they scientifically sound? Do they obey the laws of physics—like anything else we see, hear or feel on this Earth?

The surprising answer is “Yes!” These phenomena are not magic or miraculous. They are real—and supported by science!

This compelling book, based on extensively footnoted research ranging from science to metaphysics to religion—and sprinkled with the author’s engaging stories, shows how events and abilities that seem anomalous or unbelievable align precisely with Earth’s natural laws and can be explained by wave-based physics. What also sets this book apart from others in the spirituality genre is that it provides ways to disprove its claims through the application of reason and the rigors of scientific experimentation. If you’ve struggled to understand Earth’s hidden reality or are just curious about it, you will enjoy this short but intellectually stimulating read—a book that will not only challenge your beliefs but provide a framework for spiritual development to help guide you on your spiritual journey.

• Do non-physical worlds exist?

• Is their existence supported by science?

• What does this mean to you?

Mark Hunter Brooks has had numerous spiritual experiences since 2003 that have profoundly changed his worldview. He writes and speaks about the natural mechanisms that connect the physical and non- physical worlds to help demystify this often misunderstood subject.
A short video in which author Mark Hunter Brooks describes the premise for the book.


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