Book Cover: Eight Lessons From the Road, A Police Officers Firsthand Debriefing

Every day that a police officer suits up for work, they have the responsibility to protect and serve the public, their community, and their coworkers, and to make sure that both themselves and their fellow officers make it home safely.

When an officer has encountered or been in a critical incident, they must go through the process of “debriefing.” In Eight Lessons from the Road: A Police Officer’s Firsthand Debriefing, Sgt. Hill invites readers into the everyday life of a police officer, encountering some of the most harrowing and difficult decisions he has had to make in his profession. . . and as a human. He reveals an officer’s trained thought process during “critical incidents,” the lessons learned, and the emotional impacts they experience afterward. Now, Sgt. Hill is sharing the lessons he learned after each critical incident, so that we may all become better ourselves.

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