You don’t just find not-so-buried treasure. It finds you.

Max loved spending summers at Grandpa Lou and Grandma Faye’s house by the lake. At bedtime, Grandpa Lou always had a story to share from his youth. The tale of how Grandpa Lou discovered not-so-buried treasure was one of Max’s favorites.

Thoughtful and imaginative readers will be inspired by the story of a young Louis, who happily shares pieces of his not-so-buried treasure with others. With each encounter, it becomes clear that everyone has their own idea of what makes a real treasure.

As the tale unfolds, young Louis learns the deeper secret of not-so-buried treasure–a secret that Grandpa Lou now passes along to his grandson, Max. As night falls, Max discovers that he, too, is the keeper of a treasure that  can never be lost or taken away.

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