Olive, the baby owl, is found lost in the woods by two red birds, who eventually adopt her after her parents cannot be found. As Olive becomes older and realizes she is different from those around her, she must deal with many awkward emotions. Olive’s discomfort escalates until she meets a new classmate who is just as “different” as she is. The two friends unite in their journey to discover their own unique talents and to share those talents with the world, all the while spreading their message that being different is okay. Just Olive is the Grand Prize Winner of the 2011-2012 Charlotte Parent Magazine Young Authors Contest. Written and illustrated by Jade when she was just 6-years-old, Just Olive offers readers the unique perspective of a child who has already gained great wisdom through her experience as an international adoptee and one who has often felt “different.” Through her award-winning book, Jade hopes to inspire children everywhere to embrace their special talents and celebrate their differences. “Being different is fun, Being different is cool, Come out in the sun, Play in the pool!” Being different is great, Being different is okay, Don’t be late, Today is the day!”

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