We are all a part of the same human family. But as the state of the world exists now, we are a very dysfunctional family. The answers to mankind’s problems are within mankind itself. But in order to realize that we hold all the keys to our collective fate we must do one thing-communicate. A part of the answer may lie in Europe, a part in Asia and a part in South America but if we never come together to communicate honestly minus cultural hang ups, politics and ulterior motives we will never progress. Most people think of life as a straight line. By this model, life would continually progress no matter the direction never having a chance to correct itself. To me, this model is flawed. Life more correctly stated is a circle. No beginnings, no endings; just different stages with different forms appropriate for each. Remember matter is neither created nor destroyed but simply changes form. Over time, men have come to realize that this is the way of nature but man has yet to realize that this is also the nature of man. Just as the fruit grows, ripens, then falls to the ground so that more fruit may come so does a man born– grow, ripen and one day also fall so that fruit can be born of him. This is the self-sustaining, self-correcting natural order of things. This circle of life is governed by one thing only—time. Time does its job without regard for any man. Time brings all change and if no other effort given, change will still come with time. Changes in the heart, mind and spirit slowly work their way to the surface to be manifested seemingly in an instant. But change never occurs in an instant. Change begins quietly in one’s self. Changes in the way we live, think, act and relate to one another are changes that only an individual can make. Changes in the individual lead to changes in the society, changes in a society lead to changes in a country and changes in a country lead to a change in the world. But it all starts with the individual. These changes that occur within one self these are the Quiet Revolution. Never lose faith in God and time.

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