Search for a home that will promise happiness with Toby Witte in Supersizing Bliss

In Supersizing Bliss, Toby Witte takes us along on a search for the creative spark that will lead to the creation of a home that will promise happiness. He shares his insights into the cultural trappings and market forces that have led to the sea of heartless, uninspired houses provided to North American homeowners as well as ideas on how to create your own home successfully despite them. Through examples and anecdotes, this book offers an empathetic look at our opportunities to create homes that have the chance to be inspiring stages for our lives. If you are planning to create a single-family home for yourself, this book is a must-read.

Toby Witte has been immersed in the field of architecture on two continents for over a quarter of a century. Through his renowned, award- winning residential design firm Wittehaus, based in Charlotte, NC, he guides his clients on in-depth design journeys, creating cutting-edge, modern, sustainable homes in the American Southeast.

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