“The HUNT, that’s what it’s all about for me. It’s not about kill the animal; that’s actually incidental to the whole experience. It’s so much more than that! Hence, the title of this book: The Adventure of It All: It’s Embedded in My Heritage.


For over sixty years, Vermont native and North Carolina resident Bill Ryan has had a deep passion for trophy hunting. From the “early years” of hunting deer in the forests near his childhood home; to completing the “Grand Slam” of North American sheep hunting; to televised moose hunts with world-renowed hunter Jim Shockey; to braving the wind storms of the Alaska Peninsula at age 70; Ryan is in it for the adventure. The Adventure of It All: It’s Embedded in My Heritage is his legacy, an incredible collection of hunting stories and photos, and a priceless keepsake for hunters and their families. With fervor, excitement and wit, Ryan teachers readers that life is truly about the journey; sometimes it’s best to just enjoy the adventure of it all.

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