Clarke Allen found himself sitting in the dark of his 30,000-square-foot building with no work, no staff, and no marriage and no hope. It was a stunning drop for an event designer and planner who had created events for celebrities, socialites, sports teams and major corporations. Now he was at the brink of bankruptcy. Allen had a decision to make. He set out to discover how he could possibly go from being the go-to event designer in the Southeast to being an utter wreck, both professionally and personally. Placing the blame directly on himself, Allen wanted to find out why his craving to be significant had ended in such disaster — and how he could create a life worth living.

Clarke Allen’s gripping journey from go-to event designer to “utter wreck” inspires anyone who has dreamed of success and, subsequently, wrestled with immeasurable loss. Allen walks readers through his quest for meaning and deliver and inspiring message of re-emergence. The Inevitable Box resonates deeply with the Phoenix buried inside us all – to help readers re-create a rich, meaningful, redefined and passionate life.

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