Thread Talk: Guide to Identifying Healthy Relationships book cover. Book cover is done in an embroidery style with the title of the book shown large in the center. The book is by Hannah Kay Herdlinger. Happy Journaling!

You should always feel safe in a relationship, feel equal with your partner, and feel respect for each other. This is why I created the journal. Journal stems from the word journey: I have provided highlights from my life’s journey of domestic abuse, but I realized that it is not yours. Therefore, I have compiled resources, activities, and journaling pages for you to record YOUR journey in hopes that it will help you and others whom you may share it with in the future Happy journaling!

Words are powerful: the words we choose to say out loud are even more powerful. That’s why tell everyone I am a domestic violence survivor – not a victim. Never a victim.

While this guide focuses on dating partners, these principles apply to relationships with friends, family, spouses, and coworkers.

Hannah Kay Herdlinger is a professional life coach, corporate coach, and mentor. Founder of Thread Talk. Domestic violence survivor. Public speaker. Advocate for empowering survivors everywhere. Lover of all things social change.

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