Book Cover: Monique Douglas, Unclogged: The Top Ten Mindset Cloggers to Business Success

Are you feeling “stopped up” and stagnant in your professional success? 

This may come from surfacing issues from upbringings, stress and anxiety in current professional roles, personal fear factors, and a host of other factors too numerous to list. If you are finding yourself in a position where you feel frozen in time and unable to move forward, then this book is designed for you! 

Because of her work with hundreds of professionals over the years from various industries, Monique Douglas feels that all share this dilemma at some time in their personal and/or professional lives. The root of the matter is needing to change your mindset in one or multiple areas. Her goal is to help you identify what is “stopping you up.” Once identified, you can tackle them one by one, get Unclogged, rebuild your confidence, and flow with greater ease to achieve your business success. Monique is a strong believer that “your clarity delivers results!” 

Monique Douglas is a business consultant, professional speaker, and author. She has over thirty years of combined experiences, sales, customer service, and management and is committed to providing tools to enhance the professional success of all who she has the pleasure of working with. Her excellence in leadership and community service resulted in her induction into Charlotte, North Carolina’s Women’s History Hall of Fame at the Levine Museum of the New South in 2018. 

Engage with Monique’s brand, CBK Branding & Consulting Firm LLP, for consulting, speaking, or training engagements. Learn more about her work in the community through her nonprofit organization, the Grooming Greatness Foundation, by visiting 

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