What if one book, one concept, one guide, could reveal to you how to bust through communication barriers, keep top talent, and grow your emerging leaders? What if it shared exactly what to say and how to say it so that both you and your team member get amazing outcomes?


Would you read it?


THIS IS THE BOOK – this step-by-step guide will show you how to coach your team members to develop the skills that will increase their impact and contribution to the organization.


What Exceptional Executives Need to Know is packed with tips, checklists, resources, and real stories, making this the most valuable one-stop tool available for building your role as a coach to your team members. Your tool kit provides you with:

  • The five-step process for coaching a team member, what to say, what tools to use, and how to evaluate success
  • The true meaning and noticeable behavior of a leader as a servant and coach
  • Five core skills for producing extraordinary results
  • Behavior-changing questions and when to use them
  • The one skill that will anchor your learning and assure your success as a coach leader

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