Are you ready to let go of the illusion of separation and embrace your connection to your higher self and Source? Are you ready to acknowledge yourself as a multidimensional being living in the third dimension and simultaneously living in a less dense dimension?
You Are More provides an easy-to-follow roadmap of how to use the new, higher Rays of Soul Integration to break through to New Awareness. The New Awareness begins with remembering our connection to our soul level consciousness that has always been there.
Author Michael G. Love has created this third workbook in the series of practical application workbooks to lead you one step at a time to a greater understanding of who you are through connection to your soul level consciousness. As you integrate more of your soul level consciousness into this dimension, you are able to break through to New Awareness.
In You Are More you will:

  • Experience greater personal clarity and balance using the Eighth Ray.
  • Remember your connection to your soul level consciousness.
  • Make acquaintance with your Body of Light.
  • Begin to anchor your Body of Light into your physical body with the Tenth Ray.
  • Raise your energetic level to new levels of consciousness, which open New Awareness using the Eleventh and Twelfth Rays.
  • Use full-color artwork along with original music to help you to learn to simply and effectively connect to the Rays!

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