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The Reality of Your Greatness: A Personal Journey Through the Twelve Rays

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Michael G. Love believes a growing number of people, and particularly younger people, are experiencing a spiritual crisis. He certainly did. He found the old dogma—including medical, social, scientific, and religious dogmas—were no longer working for him. And then he discovered the Twelve Rays with the help of an extraordinary team.


In The Reality of Your Greatness: A Personal Journey Through the Twelve Rays, Michael shares his discovery of the Twelve Rays and how he began expanding his notion of self. The Twelve Rays are tools to help individuals remember what he calls their “Divine Heritage as Creators,” along with practical answers and how to set and achieve personal goals and to pursue happiness. While sharing his personal journey and understanding of the Rays, he also provides guided meditations to help readers experience each Ray as they take their own personal journeys. Each meditation focuses on one of the Twelve Rays, or as “the Team” calls them, “the clothing for the energy that you are.” This book leads you on a fascinating journey of self-discovery, empowerment, fulfillment, and healing.


We asked Michael a few questions about his book and his publishing journey.

Michael on working with SPARK Publications
Publishing a book is a process, and if you haven’t been through it before, it can be a daunting proposition. The best recommendation I can give from my experience is that I received help in areas that I didn’t know I needed help in. And that made the book a better product. And the only reason I was able to accept their input was because I trusted them every step of the way. Make sure you work with a team you can trust like SPARK Publications.

michael love, reality of your greatnessWhat is your primary goal for your book?

My life has been full of surprises, some pleasant and others not so much. The best surprise for me was remembering that I have always been connected to the Creator. Most of us have been taught things like scarcity, pain, suffering, separation, and not being good enough. This list of limiting beliefs about who and what we are goes on and on. This book challenges those limiting beliefs and encourages the readers to believe that they are more than that.

What surprises did you encounter on the road to publishing?

The biggest surprise was not wanting to publish the book. The manuscript literally sat on my bookshelf for over a year before I decided to move forward with publication. I have to thank two very close friends for reading the manuscript and then holding an “intervention” where they made me promise to move ahead with the publication. I am very grateful to them for their encouragement.

What role(s) did SPARK Publications play in publishing your book?

This is the second book that I have published. The first one was self-published with a bare-bones budget, and I got a product that I have not to this day felt comfortable about marketing. SPARK Publications helped me produce a professional book that I can’t wait to market all over the world. I am very proud of this book, and their professionalism shows through from cover to cover. They really took ownership of the production process, and I feel they became vested in the quality of the product.

Do you have any advice for authorpreneurs?

Don’t wait. The world is waiting to get to know you. We are waiting for you to share who you are. Do us all a favor and get your book published.

What’s next for you?

I am actively working on the distribution of my book. I think for most authors this is the really fun part. This is when you get to go out and meet people. You get to experience how your book is accepted. You get to see how your book is making a difference in people’s lives. And make no mistake about it: your book will make a difference in someone’s life.

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