The Healthy Love and Money Way: How the Four Attachment Styles Impact Your Financial Well-Being

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We learn countless ideas from our families about money. Many of them are caught and not taught. Ed Coambs’s new book, The Healthy Love & Money Way, shows how our attitudes about ourselves, relationships, and money evolve from our past experiences and the attachment styles we developed as children. If you are having money fights with your significant other today, those arguments may be connected to unresolved issues from the past or methods of survival that are no longer relevant to present life. Using the latest in love and brain science, as well as anecdotes from his own evolution from an insecure attachment style to a secure one, Ed Coambs shows how healthy love and money can be achieved no matter your starting point.

Ed on working with SPARK Publications
From start to finish, the process at SPARK Publications has been fantastic. One of the SPARKling experiences that stands out to me is the cover design. It was the part I found the most challenging, and yet the team of SPARKlers made it fun. Then came the big moment when I saw the final cover. Tears came to my eyes. They captured what I was describing beyond imagination. I am already excited about my next book and the cover they will come up with.

Is there a particular moment that SPARKed your interest in writing a book?

There is not one moment that SPARKed my interest in writing a book, but I can remember when I met Fabi many years ago when I first thought about a book and having it published. I think that experience put a lot of fertilizer on the seed of becoming an author. With years of growth and development as a couples therapist, my message became more clear, and then I had that moment when enough was enough. I was struggling in my Ph.D. program, not really sure I wanted to finish, and as I was deathscrolling through Facebook I saw and signed up for a “write your book in thirty-days” workshop. I went all in. The first days were slow, but then I caught momentum and finished in twenty days. I realized I did not need my Ph.D. to convey my message. The book was in me; I just needed a structure to pull it out. After writing the rough draft, I was trying to figure out how to get it published with high quality, and that is when I remembered Fabi and SPARK Publications.

What surprises did you encounter on the road to writing and publishing the book?

That it is not as scary and overwhelming as I had made it out to be in my mind. Yes, there are moments when I felt overwhelmed, but fortunately, I have learned that I can take those fears to people that care about me like the folks at SPARK Publications. We could talk through the fears and then find the path forward. I can see that I am much better at handling my fears and anxieties now, and it has been wonderful to grow while working with SPARK.

How did SPARK Publications help in championing and publishing your book?

They held a consistent position that I have an important message to share with the world. My passion for integrating the worlds of mental health and personal finance matter. They confirmed and reminded me that I have a unique way of looking at the world of intimate relationships and personal finance. At a practical level, they have remained responsive to my questions, concerns, and desires.

Now that your book is published, are there any goals or experiences you’re looking forward to?

Yes, I have many goals. My first-year goal is to reach 10,000 couples with my book. This supports my bigger goal of helping couples develop and maintain financial intimacy with each other. Countless couples unnecessarily struggle with financial conflict. My big, audacious goal is that no couple would say that their money differences led to emotional and relational pain. I want all couples to be able to experience financial intimacy. A personal and family goal is to be able to own a family lake house in the mountains of North Carolina. I look forward to using my expanded reach to support fulfilling some personally meaningful family goals. 

What advice do you have for other authorpreneurs and aspiring writers?

Start writing even if you are not ready for a book. Writing will help you clarify your message. Give yourself permission to grow as a professional. I was a brand new professional when I first thought about writing a book, but I wasn’t ready yet. If you are a young or new professional, get some experience under your belt. Your own sense of authority and being the expert will develop. If you have experience in your field go for it. Start writing what you know. You know more than you think you do. 

Tell us about your future plans—what’s next for you?

My next book is already about eighty percent written. The working title is We Do: Financial Intimacy. It will be my next book in a series of self-help books that are applying the latest in counseling psychology to improve couples’ financial lives. I am also enjoying being interviewed on podcasts and starting to be asked to offer courses based on my skills and expertise. The courses I am creating will be hosted on where anyone with a desire to improve their romantic relationship and relationship with money can log on and learn.

If you could broadcast two sentences to the entire world, what would they be?

Your family financial history matters more than you realize. You can grow, heal, and transform your life and finances. 

Connect with Ed
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LinkedIn: Ed Coambs


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