The Power of Memoirs

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There is something deeply valuable in reviewing your life and finding those points of purpose, lessons, heartbreaks, and joys that can be of service to others. I’ve written two memoirs. My first memoir, On Heaven’s Couch: A Journey with My Masterful Mentor, helped me to unravel a life of complexities I never really understood that my mentor and I traveled together. The most recent is Fabulous F Words of Business Ownership. It was written to share the methods, experiences, and inspiring moments of my business ownership journey. Organizing the events and seeing the timelines helped me to see how beautifully all the hard times actually prepared me for the next even more difficult or challenging situation. The lessons became too great for me to selfishly hold on to. I could see that I’d gone through many of them for not only my own transformations but for those who wish to not wait and learn the hard way and grow through the lessons of others. Sprinkled in between the lessons are the joys and experiences. Writing my life and business journey proved to be super valuable to me and to those who read the books.

What valuable lessons, processes, and stories can you write to share with yourself from ten, twenty years ago? Imagine how you could have saved time on the journey with that information, had you only had that book. Imagine your memoir or your business book, infused with your journey, and how valuable it could be for an audience coming up behind you!

I’d love the opportunity to help you get started and then publish your book. Reach out directly to:, and let’s see if doing so will add value to your vision.
See a list below of a few recently published memoirs from SPARK Publications authors.

Share your story, build your business,

SPARK Publications Memoirs

Mary Waite – As the Raven Cries: Choosing the Light of Hope Amid the Storm
Keisha A. Rivers – Equipped for Change: Doing the Deep Work of Transformation
Carolina Aponte – Pave Your Own Way: 13 Skills to Create Your Professional Success
Tambry Harris – Awakening the Light: A Survivors to Thrivers Going Forward Story
Bol Maywal – A Mother’s Promise
Nesha Pai – Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles
Fabi Preslar – Fabulous F Words of Busines Ownership

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