The Ten Commandments of Marriage: Secrets of a Divorce Lawyer

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David Erdman’s second book with SPARK Publications, The Ten Commandments of Marriage: Secrets of a Divorce Lawyer, delves into the complexities and trials of marriage. Using his expertise as a divorce lawyer, Erdman shares secrets to good marriages while illustrating what NOT to do in a marriage, and how to reconnect. The first commandment that David states is “Thou Shalt Be Equals.” To David, this is the most important commandment to a long and successful marriage.

We asked David about his experience publishing his second book.

David on working with SPARK Publications
“SPARK Publications patiently and consistently helped me to create a better product with skilled editing and offering suggestions.”

Is there a particular moment that SPARKed your interest in writing this book?

There have been 5,000 events—initial meetings with clients in troubled marriages. They animated my desire to help couples avoid divorce by sharing the secrets of good marriages. Many of those troubled marriages would never have reached the crisis stage if the couples had known the “Ten Commandments of Marriage.”

Now that your book is published, are there any goals or experiences you’re looking forward to?

I will be happy to speak about the book, and especially about the lessons in the book, to audiences via all media.

What surprises did you encounter on the road to writing and publishing the book?

The biggest challenge was to create visual images to help illustrate the issues and portray the solutions discussed in the book.

How did SPARK Publications help in championing and publishing your book?

The greatest assistance was in helping me banish copyrighted quotations and limit to permissible fair use any references to copyrighted materials.

What advice do you have for other authorpreneurs and aspiring writers?

Write about what you know. When you get the manuscript written, however, you are only halfway toward your goal of producing a book, so be prepared for the additional time and effort.

Tell us about your future plans—what’s next for you?

I will continue practicing divorce law and continue to help clients facing divorce approach it in the best way possible.

What does success mean to you?

Although I have won many challenging court trials related to every aspect of divorce, I count as my greatest successes those instances where clients who wanted to save their marriages happily notified me that they had reconciled.          

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