Create Your Life with Grace and Ease: Twelve Rays Workbook II

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Michael Love’s second workbook in the Twelve Rays series, Create Your Life with Grace and Ease, complements the previous work and takes a more in-depth look at the Rays of Experience. The Rays of Experience, Rays four through seven, are known as the Rays of Attributes. They help us through hardships, trials, and challenges. This full-color book includes multimedia experiences. The guided meditations pair images and music that represent the rays. The print book shares the URLS for these experiences, while the e-book links directly to them.

This is the fourth book you have published with SPARK Publications. What made you start writing in the first place?

As a young boy, I was raised in a family that held traditional religious values. And as I learned about God, I kept asking myself, why is all this information in the scriptures almost two thousand years old? Has God stopped talking to mankind? In high school and college, I discovered that plenty has been written over the centuries about spirituality. And most of that is never discussed in church.

Years later, I read the books written by Neale Donald Walsch in his Conversations with God series. The fact that he has sold millions of those books led me to believe that others are also interested in modern-day spirituality.

In 2004, my partner, Julie, and I began receiving our own communications from a group of beings who exist in a different dimension than we do. In my first book, The Reality of Your Greatness, I wrote about my journey with this group whom we refer to as “The Team” and specific information we were given about the Twelve Rays. I have worked in the alternative healing field for almost twenty years. It was important for me to take the information about the Rays and make it practical so that individuals would benefit from them. That is why I decided to write a series of workbooks that offer everyday, practical uses for the Rays.

Describe this workbook and how it is different from your previous book and workbooks.

My first book is about my personal experience working with The Team and receiving the information about the Rays. I began sharing this information through live seminars and workshops. I realized that there are many practical uses in everyday life for the Rays. So I created the workbooks to be part of the live seminars that I was holding. The first two workbooks describe the first three Rays, the Rays of Aspect, which I refer to as our Divine Heritage.

Then things changed dramatically and the ability to hold live workshops was significantly reduced. This latest workbook, Create Your Life with Grace and Ease, focuses on a specific group of Rays, Rays Four through Seven, which are also referred to as the Rays of Experience. These Rays are particularly focused on our daily lives.

It was written to take the place of the live workshops and also contains the practical applications that would have been experienced in the live events. 

Why was it important for this book to have multimedia functions?

Most people have a preferred way of connecting with others. Some use visual perception, some use auditory perception, and others tend to prefer more of a kinesthetic or feeling approach to communication. My desire is to help individuals connect with the energy of the Rays using their most comfortable approach to learning. 

My live events featured multimedia experiences. When possible, Richard Shulman would perform live during the seminars. I have been a huge fan of Richard’s music over the years. I asked him to create and record music for each one of the Rays. When he was not available to play in person, I used the recorded music in my seminars. That music is available on the two-disc CD, A New Awareness.

When I met Melinda Radcliffe and saw her work, I asked her to capture the energy of the Rays visually. She created a unique piece of art for each Ray. These are included in the workbook in full color. By the way, this is the first full-color book I have ever created. 

How do the multimedia aspects of the book work?

I felt it was important to be able to access the music and the artwork as individuals were reading the workbook. I had noticed how popular the e-book versions of my previous books were, so I decided to use the technology available and allow the e-book readers the ability to view the artwork and listen to the music while they were reading the workbook. When they come to a section that has an activity, they can just click on the hotlink and access the music and the artwork on their own devices.

How did you go about creating the partnerships for the paintings and the music?

I have known Richard Shulman for almost twenty years, and as I said, I am a big fan of his music. Richard offers a very unique product that he calls “musical soul portraits.” Years ago, he did one for me, and it is very beautiful. I got to thinking that if he can tune into an individual’s energy, then maybe he could tune into the energy of the Rays. And that is what we did together. I focused on the Ray, and he focused on my energy, and the result is this beautiful music, which we released as a two-disc CD set called A New Awareness.  

I have known Melinda Radcliffe for a while. But it has been only fairly recently that I became aware of her artwork. I had been looking around for some visual representations of the Rays, and when I saw some examples of her intuitive work, I asked her to do a unique piece for each Ray. This process was a little different. Melinda tuned into each Ray on her own and painted what she saw. As I mentioned, her full-color artwork is included in the workbook.

The next step was to combine the artwork and the music together in a multimedia presentation, and those videos are available via hotlinks in the e-book version. They are also available on my website for those who purchase the printed version.

What’s next?

I have actually started writing my next book, but I am using a different process this time. I am writing it as a blog and posting it on my website as I go. The Team has shared with us that part of the reason they are working with us is to correct some of the misunderstandings about our world and theirs that mankind has created along the way.

So my blogs are some simple concepts that we are working to clarify and present with a slightly different meaning. The first blog is entitled “Life before Birth” and asks if you believe that some part of you lives on after your human passing (your soul). If so, then was that part of you in existence before your human birth? Each blog will ask the reader to consider something they believe is true and ask if there is more to it. 

The entire premise of the new book is that you are more. I believe it is time to embrace our Divine Heritage and move beyond the limits of human experience that we have restricted ourselves to for thousands of years. Our concepts of who we are and our role in creation are long overdue for some serious updates. 

The acorn falls from the mighty oak and has in it all it needs to become another mighty oak. If you believe that we are children of the Creator, or children of God, then we have a Divine Heritage that allows us to grow into something more than our current human experience. I challenge you to contemplate what we are capable of becoming. 

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