You Are More: Using the Rays of Soul Integration to Break Through to New Awareness by Michael G. Love

Michael G. Love Releases New Book in Twelve Rays Series: You Are More

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Michael G. Love’s new book in the Twelve Rays series, You Are More: Using the Rays of Soul Integration to Break Through to New Awareness, focuses on Rays Nine through Twelve, the Rays of Soul Integration. These workbooks are written to teach and assist the reader to “integrate the God that you are into your physical vessel.” This full-color book includes multimedia experiences. The guided meditations pair images and music that represent the rays. The print book shares the URLs for these experiences, while the e-book links directly to them. This is Michael’s fifth book he has published with SPARK Publications.

This is your fourth book with SPARK Publications. What motivates you to keep writing?

The information about the Twelve Rays was given to us by our Team back around 2005. Although I was familiar with the Seven Rays, the Higher Rays, Rays Eight through Twelve were totally new to me. When I say I was familiar with the Seven Rays, I had read a little bit about them but couldn’t figure out how they were relevant to me in my daily life. As the Team took us through each individual Ray, they gave us exercises to help us connect to the energy of each Ray. This led to a practical understanding of how to use the Rays on a daily basis. Once this made sense to me, I began sharing it with others in workshops. The guide books are a way to reach more individuals.
The Twelve Rays offer an updated perspective on how to view spirituality in this digital age. The ancient rituals associated with spirituality need to change. It is time to move beyond separation from our higher self. Separation is an illusion, and it had its place. Now we can discard the illusion and remember our connection that has always been there. Living connected is a New Awareness.  

Can you tell us a bit more about the Rays of Soul Integration and the part they play in the Twelve Rays?

I delayed writing this final guidebook about the Rays of Soul Integration because I needed to more fully understand the basic concepts related to the New Awareness. While we received a large amount of information about the Tenth Ray, The Body of Light, we received very little information about the Eleventh and Twelfth Rays, both of which have to do with the New Awareness. About two years ago, we started a new round of sessions with our Team and as the sessions progressed, I understood more of what the Team meant by the New Awareness. It was not until I had that level of clarity that I felt comfortable writing about the New Rays.
The Rays of Soul Integration are new. They help us to see separation from our higher self as an illusion. They allow us to individually raise up our energetic levels to new levels of awareness. They actually allow us to begin a process of anchoring more of our soul level consciousness into our physical bodies. All of this helps us to step through to a New Awareness of living connected. We have always been connected. We are now being invited to live as multidimensional beings recognizing our simultaneous existence in this dimension and in other dimensions. That is what I mean by living connected.

How are you reaching your audience with your book and workbook?

My audience for the books about the Rays is relatively small. This presents very specific challenges for reaching my potential readers. I’ve chosen strategies that allow me to cast a very wide net. My audience is basically worldwide. I need to be able to specifically target certain areas of interest while at the same time reaching that worldwide market. I use a combination of social media, primarily Facebook, my author’s website,, and Amazon advertising. I write blogs on my website and then post them to Facebook. This drives traffic to the website. I, unfortunately, can’t track sales that result specifically from the blogs. I find Amazon advertising to be very versatile.   

Now that you have covered all the Rays in the workbook series, what’s next?

I mentioned that about two years ago, we started a new round of sessions with our Team. They have shared new information with us about Metatron’s cube and the Platonic solids. We are very excited about sharing this information. I have already started writing blogs about Metatron’s cube and the Platonic solids, and they can be found on my website. I also have a Facebook page dedicated to Metatron’s cube. This is a new level of self-empowerment. Understanding the basic mechanisms of how matter manifests into reality allows us here in this dimension to claim our role as creators of our own realities as never before. As I said, we are very excited to be sharing this information now.

Michael G. Love’s new workbook and the Twelve Rays series can be purchased here.

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