Zippy Buzzy Bee Soars in New Children’s Book

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The new children’s book, Zippy Buzzy Bee, teaches kids about “kindness, sharing, and a whole lot of caring!” The book helps kids learn to build character through compassion, acceptance, and many more traits. A portion of the proceeds from each book is donated to Be Kind Empowerment, Inc. to help other children.

The book was written by Deborah Cross and Dorothy Smith. Deborah realized a need for this book after observing her granddaughter in various school settings between the ages of two and ten. Her mission was to bring positive interaction between students, teachers, and parents. Dorothy Smith has held many positions in the education system and has had a broad range of cultural exposure from working in Europe and North America. She has used her knowledge of teaching kids from different cultures, traditions, and backgrounds.

The book includes vibrant illustrations by Scott DuBar, an illustrator and graphic designer from Charlottesville, Virginia. Scott has a degree from VCU School of the Arts. Scott’s work is recognized nationwide, appearing regularly in magazines and on websites. His work includes old-style cartoons, surrealism, humor, and topics concerning meditation and the environment.

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